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The Synapsify API

RESTful + JSON and customized to your unique business requirements.

The Synapsify API helps filter the signal from the noise. You can use our API as a pre-processor for social media listening platforms, social medial commenting platforms or for online app development. Synapsify’s core ratings and auto-tags delivered via API support the creation of customized dashboards and white-labeled applications for existing BI systems. The Synapsify API allows you to locate signal-heavy, quality content and ignore the rest.

Synapsify’s API is RESTful and provides responses in JSON format. Our API is based on a core set of linguistic algorithms, utilizing phonemics, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. The API has been designed to be as flexible as possible, and can be adapted to a very wide range of domains and fields of interest.

The Synapsify API is more than simply a ‘bolted on’, convenient input/output apparatus for the source code. At Synapsify, we see our API and core technology as part of a single system. The architecture of our API is a reflection of the design of the underlying code and algorithm, just as the shape and external features of an organism reflect the internal structure of the organism’s body. And to a certain extent the reverse is true. And so at Synapsify, we strive not just to make our API usable but we also try to make it beautiful. As someone once said ‘elegance is not optional’. And beauty often goes along with, or is perhaps even the same thing as, simplicity.


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